The Road To Home

Long, straight, ghost-like roads lined with beautiful red and orange trees decorated my vantage point this past weekend. As I travelled down the Western Kentucky Parkway to visit my parents I couldn’t help but think about all the times I have travelled this road. Many people don’t know but I was born in Louisville. WhenRead more

The Reason We Broke the News “Early”

Hey friends! This might be a real sensitive subject and I will be the first to admit that I have never experienced loss of a child. I might have a completely different viewpoint if that ever happens. Currently though, the Milkman and I have made decisions based on our feelings now, which all we canRead more

Baby Coombs #2 – Week 7

Hey friends! Here is our first baby update. Size (Baby Bump photo) – Baby Coombs is the size of a blueberry. I didn’t take a bump photo because I feel weird about my body right now. I still haven’t lost of the weight from the first pregnancy and am pretty insecure. Weight Gained – I haveRead more

The Country Living Fair or better known as HEAVEN!

A few months ago I ran across an article online promoting the Country Living Fair. I had no idea what that meant but saw where they were having one in Texas and knew it would be out of my range of attending…until I saw it. There was going to be in April in Nashville! IRead more